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Shinmyung LEE
EAP1 Core
Japan culture

Reference : ROBBIE SWINNERTON (April 16, 2010) , A fresh future for healthy dining, ,Japantimes, Retrieved MAY 03, 2010 from http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fg20100416rs.html

Summary :

This article introduce the Noka no Daidokoro restaurant. It runs by independent farmers. The inside decor everything are the colorful posters. The important point of the restaurant is the self-service salad bar. A lot of small baskets brimming with carefully cut vegetables are laid out on a bed of ice, as if they were prime seafood. Behind them, a chef stands on the corner, the chef keep providing colorful display. One of the main reason which they get a taste good is that they're super fresh. Some vegetables grown in the building, in a large, end of the room. The most interesting is that ice plants give mineral that make salty flavor and that covered dew-like beads surface. In addition, you can choose the rate of the food. For instance, If you wanna 4:3:3 course comprises 40 percent vegetables, 30 percent fish and 30 percent chicken, you can order that. If you are vegiterians, you can order only vegitable food. This is not just earthy, healthy farmhouse food, it's also satisfying on many levels.

Reaction :

Nowdays , many people care about their health therefore organic food getting popular from people. It has a good taste and we can keep our nutrients. I think it's very good ideas , like Noka no Daidokoro which raise the plant in their restaurant. Customer can enjoy fresh food , and restaurant can be reduce distribution costs. I think it's good for children who like fast food or modern people. In order to encourage these restaurant , that need help from big company and effort myself.

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Sinmyung Lee
EAP1 Core

Reference : (Mar 06,2010),Princess Aiko unable to go to school after being bullied
by boys, The Japantoday, Retrieved April 26,2010 From

Summary :

Princess Aiko, the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, has been reluctant to attend school after ijime(treated harshly) by boys such as throwing bags, running fast down hallways and shouting around. Nomura, grand master of the crown prince’s household, said that's not a amain reason ,because she was sick recently so she couldn't attend the school. But he asked school thatschool have to adress the problem and publicize the princess’s situation.

Reaction :

I know that Japan has a ijime culture. I could see the ijime scene in the Japan's Drama and comic books even in the advertisement. Especilly in the high school,their Ijime culture get worse. I think every country has a "Treated harshly" culture and most teenager could through that culture but not in the elementry school. Most foreigner think every Japanese is kind ,nice and quiet but they have a different type's culture. so don't be panic how to they ijime their classmates !

Vocbulary :

reluctant -unwilling
rowdy - laud,violent
aide - assistant of president
chiefly - especially
consent - agree
hastily - hurriedly

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Shinmyung LEE
EAP1 Core
Janese culture


Zach Walton (2010, April 18). Food, music entertain Japanese festival-goers, The KENTUCKY KERNEL, Retrieved April 22, 2010, from http://kykernel.com/2010/04/18/food-music-entertain-japanese-festival-goers

Summary :

Japanese and Kentucky culture collided and UK students took part in the celebration.

The annual Sakura Festival took place at Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, the official Kentucky-Japan

Friendship Garden of Georgetown. over the weekend to showcase the best that Japan and

Kentucky have to offer during the garden’s 10th anniversary.

The festival displayed traditional Japanese along with UK students performing a song and

traditional dance and jazz music. Nobuko Patton, a UK Japanese language instructor,said

festival-goers could enjoy the variety of international culture. we want to introduce people

to world culture. It’s good to get interested and involved with culture and have a different

perspective of yourself.

For the first time at the Sakura Festival, UK students and a professor performed jazz pieces

for the audience.


I think it's very good opportunity for students who wants to learn diversity culture.

They can learn Japan culture also other countries and while preparing the festival , they

could think about their future. Like Nobuko said, When people meet variety people, people

have a different perspective of themself. I hope these festival could held in Crbondale.


collided : clash

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Shinmyung LEE
Japanese Culture


Kyung lah (2010, April 02). Why would 'RapeLay' thrive in Japan?. CNN WORLD,
Retrieved April 06, 2010, from http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/04/02/rapelay.japan/index.html?iref=allsearch .


When Hentai gmae posted in CNN, many people don't understnd that.

Hentai game is issued from Japan's complex cultural. Japanese sexual culture

is totally different to others cilture. One of the reasons that make it possible to

hentai game is patriarchal society which the men have all the power. So there is

a lack of women in powerful positions in Japan and since men dominate

practically everything, there's not much done about the repression

or sexualization of the country's women.The worst thing is that the sexual

contents are opened child. Cleveland, an associate professor of sociology

at Temple University in Japan, believed the international society

will pressure Japanto forbidden , making it harder for hentai games

to be sold and distributed.


Korea is patriarchal society like Japan even now. But the sexual contents

is not free-hearted in Korea.I think Japanese personality make lower rights

in sexual thing. In my opinion, Japanese personality is that they're shy

or doesn't much say "No" and only concentrate their business.

I think the sexual problem getting serious such a being these personality.

Of course, some modern Japanese women has a strong rights in their society

but they're weaked the only part of sexual. Japanese goverment strongly

limits that children download pornography as law. They have to prepare which

movement towards sexual equality from childhood. I hope Japan establish

a long-term polish about women's rights in sexual culture.

Vocabulary :
condemn - criticize
repress - to prevent from being expressed
deviant - unacceptable, unusual
patriarchal - a powerful man in family
entrepreneur - businessman
scrutinize - search
feminist - women's right same as man
viral - virus
heinous - bad, evil
indecipherable - uncceptable,don't understand
expedient - helpful
provoke - anger

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Shinmyung LEE (Sunny)


Japanese culture



Kang Hyun-Kyung (2010, Mar 01). Culture Bridges Korea-Japan Relations.

The Koreatimes, Retrieved Mar 29, 2010, from



One of the reason why Koreans so overjoyed about Yu-na Kim is competition

with Japan. Historically, we were overruled Japan and the day Yu-na got a medal

is just few days before independence day, so that we frenzy to Figure skating.

Politically, we still distribute with Japan on Dok-Do. Nevertheless, Asada , rival

with Yu-na, received welcome from many Koreans when skating championship in

JEJU. Also, the result of survey that how do you think about Japan indicate many

Koreans want to good relationship with Japan in the future. Japan also shows that

appearance of advanced country like apologize for comfort woman. That is

showing brisk cultural exchange between Korea and Japan affirmative future.

Reaction :

I totally agree with journalist. It is a true that the whole nation expecting not only

gold medal but also a match with Mao Asada in Japan when this Vancouver 2010.

It is natural for Korean to win Japanese because we have experienced of colony.

When I see as the culture, however, Japan and Korea have been brought closer

than South Korea and North Korea. For instance, Japanese who visit in Korea has

been increased 4.6% than last year and Koreans reside more 2% of Japan

population in Japan. All things considered, Koreans look forward to

understanding each other, and enjoying a mutually rewarding relationship with


Vocabulary :

Frenzy – excitement

Outlet - announcement in newspaper

Shed – pour over

Allege - claim

Annexation – combination

Antagonism - against

Spearhead – the front line

Intimacy – close friendship

Poll - vote

Sweeping – strong

Prodigy - genius

Respite - reserve

Hardship - distress